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The telecommunication system on St. Martin is fairly complicated due to the fact that two nations, essentially, are sharing one small territory. St. Martin and St. Maarten not only have different area codes but they also use different phone systems altogether; the Dutch side has adopted the area code plus seven digit system used in North America, while the French have retained the very European area code plus six digit format. Calling from one side to the other, as a result, is considered an overseas call. With a little bit of practice you can get the hang of it, but don't hesitate to flag down a friendly local if you need help. Of note: there are no pay phones on the French side, but calls can be charged to your credit card from other public phones.

There are several option in St. Martin press if you want to immerse yourself in the island's happenings. On the Dutch side, the St. Martin press consists of two local newspapers, the Daily Herald and Today, which are printed daily. The Miami Herald has also been incorporated as a regular member of the St. Martin press and can be picked up throughout the island after 8 a.m. St. Martin press on the French side is a bit more limited, with only one newspaper, This Week, to reflect that region's local news. If you want to want to expand your scope beyond the St. Martin press, major international newspapers like the New York Times can be purchased in specialty stores.

To sample some of the local St. Martin press, visit:

The Daily Herald

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