St. Martin Restaurants

St. Maarten Restaurants

If St. Martin/Maarten is known for anything, it's fine dining. The island's various cultural influences have developed such a selection of restaurants that both the French and Dutch sides welcome visitors each year who come especially for the chance to sample the unique combination of gastronomic experiences on offer in St. Maarten restaurants. Unlike its people, St. Maarten restaurants reflect little of the island's Dutch heritage, putting a strong emphasis on French and Italian tastes. There are several St. Maartens restaurants that serve Caribbean specialties, especially on the French side, but the island is more widely known for attracting top chefs whose expertise lay in contemporary and continental cuisine. Because of this culinary reputation and the fact that many fresh ingredients need to be imported, prices in St. Maarten restaurants tend to be a bit higher than average. As most people will tell you, however, St. Maarten restaurants are more than worth it. Here are a few favorite St. Maarten restaurants to try:

One of the most elegant St. Maartens restaurants, serving an eclectic mix of dishes. Located in the Simpson Bay Yacht Club, Simpson Bay. Reservations are a must. Note: closed Sundays, does not serve lunch, closed Aug.-Sept. Telephone: 599-544-2421

Le Perroquet
Contemporary cuisine overlooking a romantic lagoon makes this one of the best St. Maartens restaurants around. In Simpson Bay. Note: closed Mondays, no lunch, closed June and September. Telephone: 599-545-4339

What are St. Maarten restaurants serve Italian specialties in a 200-year-old plantation home? In Almond Grove, Cole Bay. Note: closed Mondays, no lunch, closed June-October. Telephone: 599-544-5379

Paradise View
Enjoy delicious Caribbean dishes with a view that lives up to its name. In Orient Bay, St. Martin. Telephone: 590-29-45-37

Le Santal
Sample fine French cuisine prepared by a Parisian-trained chef. In Sandy Ground, St. Martin. Note: does not serve lunch. Telephone: 590-87-53-48

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