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St. Martin Scuba Diving & Island Tours

Tours of St. Martin island by land, sea, and even air are widely available and make for fun day excursions. Touring with a knowledgeable guide or at the least, an informative brochure, is a great way of taking in some of St. Martin's unique cultural and ecological heritage. Most island tours will occupy several hours to a half-day, so plan in advance and schedule in some time away from the beach. Here are a few ideas:

St. Martin scuba diving attracts visitors to the island because of its warm waters - it rarely dips below 70 degrees F - and excellent visibility. Beautiful coral formations and sunken ships also make St. Martin scuba diving more interesting than your run of the mill dip in the Caribbean; St. Martin scuba tours can also offer insights into the history of the island and its people. For great St. Martin scuba diving in the south, visit the tugboat Annie in Simpson Bay. Off the French east coast, the Green Key barrier reef offers beautiful views. One of the most popular St. Martin scuba sites is Proselyte Reef, a sunken 200-year-old frigate that has all but been swallowed up by coral formations. Be sure that you have the proper training before going out on St. Martin scuba trips - there are certified dive centres on both sides of the island that will give you proper instruction and provide you with gear before heading out to any St. Martin scuba sites.

If you can tear yourself away from St. Martin scuba diving, there are plenty of interesting spots on land to visit. The Butterfly Farm on the French east coast is a popular destination, especially for kids. For a little history lesson, wander around Marigot and Orléans, the largest and oldest towns on the French side, respectively. Touring the Pic du Paradis in the French mountains is just about the furthest away from St. Martin scuba diving one could get, but is no less interesting. This complex of farmland and forest is perfect for a day's hike and the view from St. Martin's highest peak is beyond compare.

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